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Welcome! Bloomington Wildlife Removal is a full-service pest control company specializing only in the removal of nuisance animals in Bloomington, Illinois. Whether you have a problem with squirrels in the attic, a raccoon in your garbage, skunks under your shed, rats or mice in your house, a snake in your yard, or a problem with birds or bats, we can solve it! We are fully trained and know everything about the wildlife of Illinois. We answer our phone 24/7, and can schedule a same-day or next day appointment. Call us at 309-481-4106 and see why we are voted Bloomington's best animal removal company! Some of the services we offer include:

  • Humane Animal Trapping & Relocation
  • Home, Roof, and Attic Inspections
  • Preventative and Animal Damage Repairs
  • Attic Cleanup, Feces Cleanup, Odor Control
  • Bloomington, IL Snake Removal
  • Poison-free Rat & Mouse Control - Permanent
  • Bat Removal and Bird Control
  • Dead Animal Carcass Removal

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Bloomington trapping If you live in an area that is prone to wild animal intrusion, it is important to have access to the best wildlife control companies available in the area. This can be a lifesaver and it is important to have the contact of the right company before you have a problem. Wild animal intrusion usually occurs as an emergency and as such it is best to be prepared for when it happens. But to hire the best company, you need to know what they look like and how to identify them. There are a few key qualities to look for in wildlife companies you should hire. One of the most important among them is the quality of their staff. The best companies invest heavily in the training of their staff and they ensure that they are up-to-date on modern methods that are utilized in the industry. This is the most important consideration to make. Another key consideration to make is to look at the quality of the equipment that they use. The best companies combine top-quality equipment with highly experienced and exposed staff and deliver the best service to their customers. This is exactly what we represent as the foremost wildlife control company in the country. And our staff have confidence in the overall quality of what we deliver.

What Prices Do We Charge?

Every wildlife situation is different: What type of animals? do you need trapping, prevention, repairs, cleanup? Call us and we can give pricing for your situation.

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We are experts in the wild animals of Illinois. We treat these animals with respect, in a humane manner. We are not a typical Bloomington exterminator company. We focus on complete solutions, and have experience with every type of unwanted critter in Bloomington, IL. Example animals we handle include:

  • Bloomington animals in the attic like squirrels
  • Bloomington rodent extermination - no poisons
  • Bloomington bat removal and Bloomington bird control
  • Bloomington snake removal, Bloomington dead animal removal

Bloomington wildlife control Tip of the Month:

If Bats Damage My Home, Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Pay for the Damage?

After a couple of nights of hearing rustling going on in your attic, you finally decided to take a look. Much to your horror, you discovered that there was a colony of bats that were living inside your attic area. You quickly called a professional agency to help you read the attic of these animals, but the aftermath is disgusting.

This group of bats has been relieving themselves on the floor of your attic so there is a pool of urine and feces across the area. They have scratched in chewed on boards, destroyed your old clothing and furniture. It is one of the most ungodly sites you have ever seen.

You look over the mess and realize that you cannot perform the repairs and do the cleanup on your own. This is a serious disaster that is going to need professionals. Something that is likely to cost a lot of money.

However, you may not have a lot of money. This may cost you thousands of dollars to replace insulation and fix damage caused by the bats. Now you are wondering if your homeowner’s insurance will cover this kind of disaster.

Time to Brighten Up
If this is what is concerning you, it is time to feel a little better right now. This is what is considered to be a “natural disaster.” It is very much like living in an area where tornadoes or where it is common for windstorms to occur.

Your homeowner’s policy will most likely cover this kind of damage. This is something that is beyond your control. Bats are persistent animals that will figure out how to work their way into your home. Once they are there, they are extremely difficult to get out.

On top of that, the insurance company understands that the damage caused by the bats goes well beyond cleanup. The urine and feces may lead to a buildup of mold, which puts your entire family at risk. This can lead to respiratory illnesses, something that makes it health emergency. Plus, bats carry parasites that are often found in their feces. For you to do the cleanup puts you at risk.

So, the policy will likely cover professionals coming in to do any repairs and cleanup that are necessary.

It Pays to Check
However, before you get too excited, it is important that you spend a little time ensuring that this is true. Go through your homeowner’s insurance policy. Contact your agent. Make sure that there is a provision within the policy that ensures that if there is a problem with bats that your house and the cleanup are going to be covered.

The last thing you want to find out is that the policy did not include bat damage. Then you are going to be on the hook for all of the repair and cleanup costs. If you don’t have the money, you may find that your house is simply uninhabitable. Call today to make sure.

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We service local towns such as Towanda, Hudson, Carlock, Heyworth, Merna. If in doubt about our service range near Bloomington, or the wildlife services we offer, give us call at 309-481-4106. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your Bloomington pest control critter problem!